Regional, familiar, traditional and with plenty of passion for handiwork

1996 the idea was born to cook from the healthy products of our nature delicious specialties. Susanne Lucht-Thiesen started the FrüchteMeer company as a one-woman-enterprise in the garage of her parents.

The excitement of her first customers drove her to new creations and markets. The fan community is growing fast and in 2001 the first production facility was built in the industrial area of Wankendorf. Finally all under one roof. Kitchen, office, storage and a small salesroom were created. But as early as four years later these facilities were insufficient again and needed to be extended. In 2005 a significantly increased jam showroom and a hall with high rack warehouse were attached and the office moved to the attic. Now cooking, refining and shipping could be done at its best.

The actual product line contains about 80 varieties of jams and jellies, as well as chutneys, relishes, mustard sauces, syrups and fruits preserved in precious spirits. The quality and creative diversity are always in the first place. We think that this is the key to our success and our satisfied customers.