Spring 2019

Everything is blooming all around!

The fruits of nature rejoice over the first rays of sunshine.


And with them we are looking forward to the fruit season 2019. Easter has already been successfully mastered and we are not only in the starting blocks, but are already full of energy for the strawberry season!

The delicious results are, for example, our fresh Rhubarb-Vanilla or our sweet-sour Strawberry-Rhubarb Fruit Spread.

Winter 2018

Our Donation on Christmas

Our Christmas present 2018 goes to the Aktionsgemeinschaft Deutsch-Ghanaische Begegnungen e.V.


Herbert Gernhöfer, 1st chairman of the association, accepted the donation of 1000,-€ from Früchtemeer on December 18th. 


"This association is particularly close to my heart", said Susanne Lucht-Thiesen. "In 1990, 28 years ago, Herbert organized a German-Ghanaian youth exchange in which I participated. I was allowed to get to know this impressive country and above all many people. That changed my view of many things. For so many years Herbert and his small association have been supervising and realising truly sustainable projects that are implemented concretely and personally accompanied. Direct contact plays an important role and everything is implemented with a sense of proportion for the local people. He has a very large network in Ghana and I know that the donation arrives where it is needed".


Fall 2018

Delight in this Golden Fall...

...with our matching golden Pear - Quince Fruit Spread!


Fall does not only bring down a splendidly colorful sea of leaves to the ground - the "Sea of Fruit" also has a lot to offer:


Our pear and quince combination is an excellent accompaniment to the grain rolls for breakfast or the blue cheese on your cheese platter for dinner!


Summer 2018

Our new Homepage is online!

Our website in a new design!


Take a look around and discover what we - the FrüchteMeer Konfitürenmanufaktur - have to offer!


We look forward to your feedback :)

Summer 2018

The strawberry crop 2018 is in full swing!

Look forward with us to the 2018 fruit season!


The time of strawberries & rhubarb is the beginning: We are in the starting blocks to present you our sweet treasures on the breakfast table. Treat yourself to a fruity and fresh break at Sunday breakfast on the terrace or balcony!



Try our fresh rhubarb vanilla jam made of Holstein rhubarb and real bourbon vanilla!

Or would you prefer the classic version?


In our strawberry jam we put a very tasty North German strawberry sort... open the glass and a wonderful scent spreads!

                  --> or one of our many other compositions! ❤

Spring 2018

Newspaper article from the SHZ of 05 May 2018 (in German):

Spring 2018

Are you ready for Easter?

Start the 2018 fruit season with us the right way!


Our sweets are ready for you and just waiting to be sent to you! Here you can choose what you like: 

Winter 2016

We are closing up the store!

We have closed our store in Wankendorf. Of course, only the store. FrüchteMeer Konfitürenmanufaktur continues to produce in the usual way!


We would like to thank all our loyal customers from near and far for their many years of close cooperation. We have always been very happy to serve you in our shop and have a little chat.


In the future, you are welcome to visit our online shop and have our homemade specialities sent to you or pick them up directly from us. This will continue to be possible, leaving a small back door open so that we can 'see each other again.


Thank you very much!


Susanne Lucht-Thiesen & Karsten Thiesen