"FrüchteMeer is our affection to Mother Earth."

- Susanne Lucht-Thiesen -

Susanne Lucht-Thiesen


TEL.: +49 (0) 4326 - 980562


Karsten Thiesen


TEL.: +49 (0) 4326 - 980562


FrüchteMeer is passion and lifeblood for uncompromising breakfast enjoyment in a jam jar. 


That's what this family business is all about.

It all started with the joy of the fruits of nature.


"Hours of wandering through the local field mark, feeling and tasting the delicacies that Mother Nature gives us, that is true joy," says Susanne Lucht-Thiesen, 47-year-old company founder and mother of four.


This is the premise under which everything is produced in the FrüchteMeer Jam Factory. 


The jams and jellies and the many other specialities must give pleasure. 


Whoever produces them, whoever sells them and whoever enjoys them.


Try it out and visit our Shop.

Regionality and quality are our first priorities:

Here you can download our current organic certificate:
FrüchteMeer Bio Zertifikat 2019.pdf
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