Homemade Jams, Marmalades & Jellies from Schleswig-Holstein

May we introduce ourselves?  

We are the "FrüchteMeer Konfitürenmanufaktur" from Schleswig-Holstein.

On our new homepage we would like to give you a comprehensive overview of our daily work and our passion - to produce fine delicacies.

Take a look around and discover what we have to offer - a whole range of specialities!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

Your FrüchteMeer team

Spring Fever

Everything is blooming all around! One of the most thriving treasures is the rhubarb.

Barbecue Season has started!

Surprise your guests with our fruity mustard sauces to complement the grilled meat!

Classical Fruit Spreads

 A pleasure for all senses...

Give it a try!

...and many more!